Monday, July 04, 2005

Beyond Just The Fourth Of July.........

I live in a country that has:
...Basically free libraries
...Basically free (or relatively cheap) schools
...An Internet system that is not censured
...Competent (usually better than that) police, fire depts,
emergency medical response teams, etc.
...Aid and assistance for the handicapped
..., compared to most countries, an extremely efficient postal system
...Generally available job hunting assistance
...Freedom of speech, assembly, petition, to bear arms, etc.
......Also, I live in a county where I do not have to look to the sky in apprehension whenever a plane goes over. I can trust my drinking water and not have to draw it from a well. I do not have to hunt down my dinner. I can wash AND dry my clothes for about two dollars and don't have to beat them on a rock by a stream to try and clean them.
...Yes, I pay taxes (seemingly a historical "sore point" in all civilizations) but some of the things I get in return include...
= A multi-billion dollar Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Marine Corps., etc. to keep me from direct harm (on a 24/7 basis)
= (in my area) a Federally subsidized mass-transit system
(with discounts for Students, the Elderly, the Handicapped, etc.)
= Federally subsidized television channels (showing what "The Networks" generally won't)
= this list can go on and on... As most of my "Gratitude Lists" do...
But perhaps it was put best this way: "If you can read this, thank a teacher... If you can understand this, thank a soldier..."
All the Best to All on this our "Fourth of July"
....Keep the Faith and the Faith Will Keep You !! Ur Pal..Mr. Grassroots