Tuesday, June 21, 2005

To Cuss or Not To Cuss

Hey, everyone! Hope this finds all well with you and yours -
Was just sitting here wondering, for some reason, about the effects of cussing in the U.S.A. (yep, I'm definately a guy with way too much time on his hands).

I recall as a youth discovering the power of cussin' among my peer group and trying not to let slip with any around the folks.

As I age, this continued to be the standard, especially in the workplace among "the guys". Eventually I came to find that the extensive, persistant use of it was quite grating, and it had seemingly lost it's initial impact. With age hopefully comes maturity, and I find myself doing it far less.

From my observations it can be quite the habit to lay down, but should be done as it is generally taken by most others as offensive, childish, antiquated, or (at best) unnessesary.

Unfortunately cussin' is sort of a disguised method of nullifying the spiritual, which weakens us all. It generally seems to be a learned response to certain situations, like drawing your had off a hot stove.
Whenever I see/hear kids (and I do mean the young ones) using it, it brings a certain saddness to me as they seem to be sacrificing a part of their childhood...

There is also the issue of what used to be called "second-hand swearing". This involves changing the denotation of the original cuss word(s) to a different conotation, such as: D__n = Darn, S__t = Shoot, G_d D__n = Gosh Darn (or if you are from the South, Gal Dang), and so on.

Guess what I'm trying to say is that this use of the English language is, basically, not just in bad taste but that it makes a bad impression. Imagine someone from a foreign land coming to the U.S., hearing some of this cussin' and then having it explained to them? Wouldn't make us look too good would it? They more than likely have some form of it in their countries but why not make ours look a little better than all that?

Well, that's about all that comes to mind at 4:26 in the morning for me. Sorry if I rambled a bit, will try to do better when fully conscience. Just an observation on what is basically a bad habit. It probably won't go completely away and I certainly haven't conquered it (for me a case of "old dog, new tricks") but I will continue working on it, and not just for myself but for anyone (native or foreign) who may be trying to form an opinion of me and/or my thinking, and possibly even of my country and countrymen.

Till Later...