Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Saddam & 9/11

Last night's Presidential Address to the nation and the soldiers at Ft. Bragg was a welcome relief to those of us who feel he's not been using the "bully pulpit" to its best advantages. Last night he used it well, and gave the troops the opportunity to see that they truely have a leader in George W. Bush. Of course, the left is having every kind of hissy-fit imaginable over the fact that he had the audacity to use 9/11 references a total of, by some accounts, 6 times. And why would they? He never once said that Saddam was behind it, yet that is what they are trying to tell us.

The real reason they hate any reference to 9/11 is they would prefer that we forget it happened. Do you remember the last time you saw images from that day? I do. It came in a PowerPoint presentation e-mailed to me by a friend. It was entitled "Always Remember". You sure haven't seen it on any television screen, unless you taped or TIVO'd it. Their excuse for not showing any pictures of it is "It's too upsetting to the families of the victims." Why isn't it too upsetting for the families of the victims of the holocaust, the victims of Saddam's horrors, the families of the military? They don't hesitate to show a microphone shoved in the face of a grieving parent or spouse of any given tragedy! Their real reason is because they want us to forget, so our support for the President, and for the Iraqis fighting and dying for their newly democratic nation will eventually wan, and they will have another "win" like they did with Viet Nam. Why is it when the left wins, America loses?

Much of the rhetoric coming from the left today, in response to the President's speech last night, has been "Saddam didn't cause 9/11, he had nothing to do with it." President Bush never said he did. He should have said there were plenty of connections between Saddam and Al Qaeda, because there was! All the way back to the Carter presidency, such as it was, records show the intelligence community knew of Saddam and his support for terrorism, and knew he was atop the list of worst offenders. His secret service guy met with bin Laden, Jordan arrested him & held him, but let him go before we could interrogate him. Rush's list of links at the above link will provide links which will address any doubt you may have. From Salman Pax training center, to Saddam's payments to the families of terrorist bombers (the ones they like to call suicide, but I favor of calling a spade the shovel it really is!) to evidence that there were WMD's in Iraq, no amount of evidence presented to them will change the tune of the left.

The left thinks the American people are dumb as stumps, and will believe what they say no matter how ludicrous it sounds. If we do not believe the politicians on the left, then we'll believe their accomplises in MSM. They forget we now have other alternatives to their once strongly held monopoly, and I am blogging on one of them.