Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No More Money

It is my opinion, and gratefully not mine alone, that in order for the American people to take back our government, we are going to need to support members we would like to see in Congress, the Senate, the Presidency ourselves. I recommend we no longer support the DNC, RNC, DCCC, RCCC, NDCC, or RNCC.

These are all groups that raise money to support people we have no control over electing. Let us stop now. Let us come together on this. Let us choose who we want in public service. Let us throw the bums out.

How long have the Republicans waited to have a majority? Over 40-50 years! How are they acting? Like they don't know what to do with it. I am ashamed of their behavior. Maybe not for the reasons you may expect.

They will not fight for their principles. Democrats have had a lot of practice at this, so they have the advantage. The only problem with that is they have so much hatred for the President, they forgot their message!

The Democrats make outrageous statements which hurt our men and women in the Military. When we are at war, all politics stops at the border. It does not matter which party is in charge. You just don't do it. Not if you truly support the troops.

I have been supporting individuals for the past 4 years. I will not give any money when they call, but I will give them a piece of my mind! lol. They no longer call. It took a few years, but hey? I am one of those $20 donators, so they have to try.

It is up to you. Do you want the same government that we have now that cannot move forward? Then stay at home, and do nothing. If you want change, join me. Thank you.