Saturday, June 25, 2005

Another Article Trashing Jane in Yemen

BOOOORING I thought after they found out they couldn't bribe me, there might be a new strategy. But no, just another article trashing Jane in Yemen.

lets review: first there was Jane Novak a docile pupil of a monkey monk,then came my response, then an editorial apolgy, then an oped: In Defense of the Rightous

now we get: Is it true Jane Novak is from Aal-Albait?

no I'm from Brooklyn.

Its getting a little stale but I'll do a very minor fisking:

If America had a group of armed insurgents claiming godly rights to power and advantage, that any opponent to those exclusive rights and power were infidels and should be exterminated, what would the reaction of the American people be?
Well actually America does have that. Its called al-Qaeda. The reaction of the moonbats on the left seems to be to want to secure their rights. The conservatives advocate a more pro-active and rigorous approach.
And that of the Bush administration or Congress?
Well, Im reasonable certain that if there was a few al-Qaeda was in Cleveland, President Bush and Congress would NOT decide to surround the city with military, exclude the journalists, indescrimately bomb the people, cut off food to the citizens, arrest doctors who provide medical treatment, exclude humanitarian organizations, arrest 12 year olds, randomly arrest ten thousand citizens without cause, hold them without trial for a year, drag burnt bodies around Cleveland behind police cars, run over the injured Americans with US tanks, rape women, spray chlorine gas, attack civilians with helicoper gunships, confiscate the computers from the New York Times and arrest Judith Miller when they tried to write about it, arrest members of Amnesty International who try to publicize it, bomb the Democrats headquarters and kidnap their Hillary, and use PBS to publicly denounce everyone in Cleveland as racists who deserve to die. This is whats happening in Yemen to the Shiites under the direction of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. And no, I dont think that's what Bush and the Congress would do here in the US.

The comparision between Bush and Saleh is a very very very poor one. Bush did not bomb Albany when the feds discovered the Lankawana cell. What a moron this guy is including this:
What, I ask, is more ridiculous than the weak translation of the same reply on the pages of the backwards, racist party’s mouthpiece, “Al-Shoura.”
Obviously someone forgot to tell Olify that al-Khaiwani is famous here in the US. If there was a survey of American conservatives asking for the name of a middle eastern editor, the only one widely known is al-Khaiwani, not just from when the Coalition of the Willing had a half million daily viewers tracking his trial, but also from the six articles I wrote about him before that. Also the fact that he publishes my pro-democracy articles in al-Shoura in Arabic in Yemen doesn't hurt his fan base either. So again, the wrong move for the US.

Otherwise Im back to work. I have no more time for Yahya the yo-yo.